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NAECS-SDE is the national organization for state education staff members with major responsibilities in the field of early childhood education, from infancy through the primary grades.  The association promotes high-quality services to young children and their families through improvement of instruction, curriculum, and administration of programs.  Members of the Association have an opportunity to share ideas and to work together toward the solution of common problems.  

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Your Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is comprised of the following elected officers:  President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Executive Committee works on your behalf to keep the organization active and engaged in the field.  In addition, 

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Additional Committees

NAECS-SDE has four committees that actively work to support Association members and promote best practices. Consider joining the Membership Support Committee, the Communications Committee, the Policy Committee, or the Program Committee and becoming an active and engaged NAECS-SDE member!  Click on "read more" to learn about the purpose of each committee and for contact information for joining a committee. 

Join Now

Join a discussion or start your own discussion with a new topic.  Look for or add new resources, ask questions, or just find out some of the ways that NAECS-SDE can support you.

Discussion Forums

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NAECS-SDE Position Papers and Letters

NAECS-SDE has generated a number of resources over the years.  Find position papers and letters that NAECS-SDE has authored, created in partnership with other organizations, or endorsed. 

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