NAECS-SDE Mission Statement

NAECS-SDE Mission Statement

NAECS-SDE is a membership organization committed to the success of all young children.  We exist to equip and empower individuals to become strong leaders working in, and with, state-level systems of early education.  Together, we exercise a collective influence to ensure inclusive and evidence-informed societal decisions and actions affecting early childhood education.

NAECS-SDE Vision Statement

NAECS-SDE is known and valued for its capacity to provide the perspectives necessary to inform research, policy and practice affecting early childhood education.  Our members’ expertise influences government, policy makers, non-profits, and research institutions alike and is leveraged to ensure ALL children start with a firm foundation for their future success in life.

The History of NAECS-SDE

NAECS-SDE was founded in 1972 by a small group of state early childhood specialists. At that time, few state departments of education had such a position. It was, however, a time when the potential of early childhood education to improve the life chances of young children was gaining the attention of state leaders. In the intervening years, many more states have designated early childhood specialists and created units focused on programs for young children and their families. As state resources for early childhood programs have increased, most of these new specialists have also become members of NAECS-SDE.