NAECS-SDE LEADERSHIP - Supporting successful child development and continuous learning from birth through age eight


The Association offers opportunities for leadership and encourages all members to become actively involved.  Leadership opportunities are specifically described in the Association By-laws under Article V-Officers, Article VI- Election of Officers, Article VII-Governing Board, and Article XI-Committees. Additional information about each committee is located on the website under the page titled Committees.

Executive Committee - Nominations and/or volunteers for the Executive Committee may be submitted at any time.  The elections for the Office of President and Vice President will be held on even numbered years.  The elections for Secretary and Treasurer will be held on odd numbered years. 

Volunteer to Chair or Co-Chair Committees - See the committee descriptions by clicking here.

Leadership Development—According to the revised by-laws above, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Leadership Development Committee consisting of a member of the Executive Committee as Chairperson and three additional members from different regions of the United States.  The Committee shall seek suggestions from the membership and the Association website.  The Executive Committee shall review the qualifications of nominees and approve the slate of officers.  A professional vita of the nominee shall accompany the ballot for all nominees.