NAECS-SDE COMMITTEES - Supporting successful child development and continuous learning from birth through age eight

The Association by-laws state that its standing committees will convene in person, by phone, or electronically between annual meetings to conduct the business of the committees as determined in the annual meeting.

  • Executive Committee: The officers of the Association shall be President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Executive Director of the Association will serve as an ex officio (non-voting) member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall perform such duties as directed by the members of the Association. 
  • Communications Committee: The function of the committee is to work with the President to assure effective mechanisms for organizational communication. The committee shall advise and/or oversee the Association's electronic communication capabilities and protocols as well as traditional means of communication such as any newsletters or print communications. The Secretary shall be a member of this committee.
  • Membership Support Committee: The function of the committee is to encourage active membership representing all states and territories in the respective regions, to facilitate regional communication, and to provide professional development and induction activities for new members. The Treasurer shall be a member of this committee.
  • Program Committee: The Program Committee shall work with the Vice President who will be a member of this committee, to make arrangements for the annual meeting of the Association, including but not limited to site selection and program arrangements.
  • Public Policy Committee: The function of the Public Policy Committee is to address issues which are of interest and relevance to the general membership. Issues may be addressed by reviewing policies and position statements from other organizations for possible endorsement, developing position statements for the Association as recommended by the membership or Executive Committee, or other actions which would support an informed and active membership. The Past President will be a member of this committee.
  • Ad-Hoc Committees:  Ad-Hoc committees shall be formed on an as-needed basis either by a majority-vote of the membership or Executive Committee appointment. Membership shall be determined at such time Ad-Hoc committees are formed. The Development and Finance Committees are currently active Ad-Hoc committees.